Did You Know?

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1. The first baseball game ever played was in New York on June 19, 1845.

2. The first stadium that was built in the United States was in Pittsburg.

3. Baseball is the United States national sport.

4. Corking a bat being used in the Major League is illegal.

5. June 3, 2003, Chicago Clubs, Sammy Sosa, was disqualified for using a corked bat.

6. Sammy Sosa was suspended because his use of a corking bat, and wasn't able to play 7 games.

7. Because a corked bat was light, it meant for the speed of the bat to go faster to hit the ball, which was considered cheating.

8. In order to cork a bat, you have to drill a hole at the end of the bat and fill it up with cork, superball, or styrofoam.

9. Last year, Manny Ramirez, player of Cleveland Indians, used a corked bat and it wasn't the first time. Says that the team had two specific bats just for Manny, both were corked.

10. The first world series was played between Pittsburg and Boston in 1903 and was a 9 game series.

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