Chet Brewer
Chester Arthur BrewerChester Arthur Brewer was born in Leavenworth, Kansas in January 14, 1907. He later moved to Des Moines, IA at a young age because of racism in Kansas. In Iowa he attended intergrated schools. His idol was Bullet Joe Rogan, and because of him Chet became a pitcher. He first played with Brown's Tennessee Rats. Chester Arthur Brewer is recognized in baseball as "Chet Brewer." Brewer was a right-handed American, who played in the Negro Leagues. Brewer later began playing for the Kansas City Monarchs at the age of 17 in 1924. In 1926 while playing with the Monarchs, Brewer went 12-1 with eight complete games. His 16-3 score led the league during that season with 31 consecutive scoreless innings. His greatest performance was in 1930 when he went against Homestead Grey's Smokey Joe Williams. Brewer struck out 19, including 10 in a row and won 30 games that year. Brewer played for 24 years with many different teams across the world. Some of these teams included China, Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Haiti, SantoDomingo, and in forty-four of the forty-eight continental United States. Brewer had a lively fastball and a devastating overhand "drop ball," which was especially tough on left-handed hitters. He also threw a scuffed baseball, known as an "emery ball" learned from Emory Osborne, one of his coaches/role models. In addition, Chester Arthur Brewer later became the manager of the Kansas City Royals. That led him to coach a player such as Jackie Robinson who would later come up to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time, and who would later join the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Chester Brewer also had other accomplishments other then his baseball career. He was hired as Athletic Director of the University of Missouri and went 8-3 as head coach of their baseball team in 1911. He served in World War I then returned to Michigan Agricultural as head coach from 1918-1920.