Cap Anson was born April 17, 1852. He was born Adrian Constantine Anson. He was nicknamed Cap short for Capitan or Pop. He was a member of the National Association and he was the Major League Baseball first basemen. He spent most of his career with the Chicago Cubs. He served as the club manager, first baseman, and later minority owner. He played a record 27 consecutive seasons and was labeled one of the best players of his era. He led the team to five National League pennants in the 1880s. Anson is most known as being a racist. In majority of the cases when a black player was on the field he refused to step foot on the field. After retiring from the Cubs “Colts” he managed the New York Giants briefly. He ran several enterprises in Chicago, including opening a billiards and bowling hall and running a semi-professional baseball team he dubbed "Anson's Colts". Anson also toured extensively on the vaudeville circuit, performing monologues and songs. Many of his business ventures failed, resulting in Anson losing his ownership stake in the Colts (by then called the Cubs) and filing for bankruptcy. He later died on April 14,1922.