" And there goes Hank Aaron hitting his 715th home-run." One of the many accomplishments of players on the Atlanta Brave team.
But for a large city in Georgia with three dominant forces affecting it, there was still room to be improved. Transportation, race relations, and the "Atlanta Spirit" contributed to the cities growth. With a new team heading to this city racial tension was still a problem. The braves moved from their home in Boston, to Milwaukee, to their final home Atlanta, Georgia. But upon moving to their new home they made an agreement to only move if the stadium was finished by the 1966 season. The Atlanta Stadium also known as the Atlanta-Fulton county stadium was finished on April 9th, 1965, with a total cost of $18 million. With the stadiums circular design sitting 1,000ft above sea level made it asy to hit home runs.
The Braves were the first major league professional baseball team to make the south its new home. Although moving to a new place they lost their first home game to the Pirates after a game of 13 innings by a score of three to two. They joined the rank as one of the nation's major league cities. Their first 25 years were their worst years. On April 8th,1974 Braves player Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run. That event stirred up racial tensions but aatlanta_braves_stadium_banner_62054big.jpground the 1990's the team started winning again with their home-run hall of fame duo Hank Aaron and Eddie Matthews. The team hired a new general manager and started to sign free agents.