Alta Weiss And Her Legacy
Alta Weiss was born in 1890. At the age of three, she used to throw corn on the cob at a cat, learning the ability to pitch so well. She was 17 when she started to play on a boys team called Vermillion Independence. Her father, Dr. George Weiss, sent Alta and her to sisters on a vacation to Vermillion where Alta asked a group of boys to play catch. They were astonished by how well she could play catch. The group of boys told Mayor Williams about her. That's how she started playing for an all boys team. She was the fifteenth person be in the Ragersville Hall of Fame. In 1908, she graduated from Auburn Township, a two year college. She was the first female to play semi-pro baseball. Alta Weiss made her way through medicine being the only female of the class of 1914 at Starling Ohio Medical School. She was very talented in music, sports, the medical field, and more. She died in 1964, and was buried in West Lawn Cemetery Winesburg, the same place where her mother Lucinda Zehnder Weiss, was buried also.

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